The RA DF series double-flow air curtains are used to cool, blow, or clean surfaces without creating excessive noise or using an excessive amount of air. The compressed air flow is amplified 50 times.

The Principle
The infinitesimal quantity of compressed air escaping from the air curtain is ejected at high speed through a 0.5mm opening along the entire device. In this way, a fast-moving “air knife” is created, carrying with it any surrounding air to the targeted location. Air curtains are ideal for performing large-scale cooling of products or for cleaning large quantities of dust, chips, oil, water, etc, using only a limited volume of compressed air. And since the amount of compressed air needed is quite modest, the noise levels are also lower. A level of 50 dBA less than other conventional systems can be achieved.

Air Curtains


RA-150-DF Air Knives Double 177mm

Air Curtains


RA-300-DF Air Knives Double 330mm

Air Curtains


RA-450-DF Air Knives Double 482mm

Air Curtains


RA-600-DF Air Knives Double 635mm

Air Curtains


RA-750-DF Air Knives Double 787mm

Air Curtains


RA-900-DF Air Knives Double 942mm